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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The End of MY VAROLO

SERIES FINALE ON VAROLO! dun dun duuuuun.

 Yes friends, readers, other people in the background listening <-- ("huh?") whatever..

It was a very nice run and i am glad i made the journey. I am also happy that i was banned before ultimately deciding to quit this site. i've been on it for about 3 months and i was able to take away a nice amount of money from it before my account was suspended. i do not regret my actions since i decided to do it all the way knowing it will end for me soon. In the beginning i had high hopes for the site, but recently with the new changes and the server maintenance , I was starting to see how this site isn't what i thought it was... don't get me wrong.. it was a great idea, just not done the right way. Near the end I felt i wasn't really going to be able to use this site with others seeing as it takes too much time. Well, now that i'm free from all that :) i can focus more now on my other ventures. I've started a new Blog.. new series. called WEB of pssibilities. I haven't started writing yet, but i believe it will be somewhat interesting to a few. Hope you liked my adventures on varolo. thank you for viewing/reading.

DRAMA on varolo

Hello readers, we all know that no matter what there will always be positive and negative in our life. even though we have our opinions on what's good and what's evil, it's all speculation and there are no absolutes. it is all Nature and we have to accept it and go with the flow of things.

this blog will be mostly posts that i have documented during my time on varolo. the site will always have it's ups and downs and different point of views. I have done my part to address both from my perspective.

I am bad guy XD........I told you I am not criticizing you or your group. It's just you are not doing well. If your group is well chained, you won't get so much inactive. (Chaining means you got A sign up under you, then you find B, you ask B sign up under A.... when you got C you can feed C to B. So you got ABC, A got BC, B got C. AB is your solid referrals, they got well paid and will remain active, you just need help C to get D.) This is the way I am running a village. I am not just "sharing referals", I am feeding them and I still got paid and they are more active than others. That's what I mean "healthy": your downline are very strong and bonded to you, you have a very high active rate. What's why I don't post my village link here to get referrals, I only ask people join me to get referrals. Sounds evil right.

"The bad part"is degree limited. You only share 4th or 5th degree income. If the people at the end of chain quit, its kind a revise effect.....Also, chaining people works well in a small-middle group. If you got too much "son" and "daughter" with

sharing ads & viewing is not good enough to keep your downline active, (I think you know the math, only referral can increase income), they don't have referrals and watch enough ads.....with such a low income,they still quit.

SEE! I am a bad guy. I know you love your group, its a beautiful dream, so I start flaming you XD.

My group isn't a real group, its a platform, like a bbs. I can easily build one but I am not going to because. I just need a place for posting and chatting with people (like you, I am using good/bad group topic baiting you. :D) Varolo FB discussion is too small and unpopular. I need more people like you who interested in Varolo.

  • heres the convo in my inbox from jeremy:


    hello jeremy. . . ur little birdie is wrong... kyle is under me, and the things you believe in (pay it forward)is what i started my group on... we are already doing the gifting and helping regardless of kyle's outward appearance on facebook. i believe there are more than one "winning" villages , not everyone has to agree with the methods, but as long as we r helping our ppl earn money, that is all that matters to me. thanks for the offer, and if you worded it correctly and i was new to varolo.. maybe i'd join you.

5 minutes ago

    also, since im the one in charge of the group kyle is in, it wouldve been cool to have someone like you join me instead. kyle has his ways and they r useful, but he also believes in what i believe, just like you do. i don't like people like matthew larsen and chen acting like little kids on a forum. some poeople are actually serious about using varolo to make money not just some side play thing to mess around with. good luck on your village. i don't think you will get any of the villagers that joined me since we both offering the same thing only i've already backed up my words with action. take care.

5 minutes ago

    K then I totally understand your point of view. I wish you success in Varolo, and it was good to hear back from you!

    Thanks for the head up and again best wishes to you and your village. I am here to make the best of this and I am not the only one Kyle has pissed off so there are others after a list of your villagers! LOL

2 seconds ago

    yea they wont be successful if all they r doing is attacking me , good luck to you and let the rest know while they are attacking me they r losing villagers lol. i pay it forward, whoever agrees with the idea will be successful, anything else will just be ignored by my group and i.

I refuse to close my varolo account for anyone! I refuse to send you my cards and I refuse to believe that anyone will make me rich providing I rejoin. I am not racial but I sure do hate some black folk that prove their stupidy and scam efforts!I also refuse to add anyone as friend who is against the varolo group I am in. If you cant take screw you !

To clear things up here:

  • Chen is  a guy who joined our group, and didn't do anything , noticed he wasn't earning so he left and went back to his old group who he was making money off their hard work, i really do find this both funny as hell and sad at the same time. he then tried to tell me his perception of my group. only mentioning 1 aspect of chaining at the early stages before i turned it into something else. 

  • Jeremy is just someone who was rubbed the wrong way by one of my members and was trying to retaliate.

  • Nollis is one of my members who Jeremy tried to recruit and failed...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Adventures on Varolo

Hello, i'm back.

I'd like to talk about my experiences on varolo after i started. i am unemployed, and i've tried different types of jobs. there's just something about being in a place where the only positive thing is the money. i'm not motivated by money, so i am free to make choices others cannot. i also have to thank God for being in a situation where i am able to do this.

A friend who i've grown up with started varolo under his friend. on facebook he wanted his friend to tell others aboout the site and that he has gotten some prizes redeemed. the friend came on (probably embarrassed) and told my friend not to put his business out there. my younger brother joined under my friend and i under my brother.

Now because of many experiences in the past i've learned not to rely too much on other people, but there's a limit to that. without other people there is no way we can get to where we are and where we are going. independence is one of many illusions we humans project to keep us somewhat stable in this harsh world.

The first month was very difficult, sometimes i didn't think i was going to keep going with varolo. i even felt like i was wasting my time... and this fear of life being wasted loves to creep up at the best time. i took a short break, cleared my mind and thought of a few things. what will i do if  i fail again? am i the only one on varolo that thinks varolo could be a good thing?

I remembered the movie pay it forward and it helped a lot in my process of overcoming my fears of failing. if you haven't seen the movie, you definitely should see it. somehow i was recrutiing every few days, it wasn't worth the time i put in, but seriously... if this is how ppl think when starting anything in their life, not a lot of things would get done. i pushed on.. still recruiting. the only actives i had were my mother and stepfather, my mother is still on varolo with me. my stepfather stopped after a month. i've been gathering few more people as time passed, but eventually they all became inactive. there was no other way to keep them active or to keep in touch with people who don't respond back.. this is what i thought. i log into facebook everyday to see what others are doing, to see if there's anyone providing some sort of help or ideas...all i saw was the same thing, few people are helping with things they find out as they go along... others are just trying to get as much sign ups as they can... then there's the clueless who just post links in the wrong places.

I decided.. i should go read the help section and a few blogs on varolo so i can learn how to use it myself.. waiting for others to figure it out isn't going to work. after a couple of reads , some google searches, and web surfing.. i realize.. this isn't that hard... it is so easy.. no wonder people are scared... getting scammed enough and all the lies in this world created a huge wall of doubt. fortunately for me, there are people like me, who can get through the doubt and push on... to meet others like-minded is a wonderful feeling. that feeling of not being alone in a world where society frowns upon everything that isn't the same, boring, march.

I came back to Facebook and started my own topic, i did use some ideas i saw like "chain referrals", it helped me come up with other ways of recruiting. i learned that i need to be more active on the boards so that people will notice me more. of course.. i had the time to do it.. so naturally people will notice and I'll get more attention. this helped me get more villagers, even though they too were going inactive after a few weeks.

I stumbled upon a few people who seemed pretty active and really wanted to use varolo the way i did, so they joined me, and we had a yahoo IM conference for a few nights. it was good, the steady growth was slow but there was growth. i think any growth is good progress... it's better than nothing right? maybe it's the advantage of being stubborn... this could easily be called determination too right? i was too stubborn to quit.. and the only way is forward.

month later and i still have my mother and a few actives.. i was close to 40.. i wasn't making much. my mother wasn't making much either... i don't even know whhy she didn't quit sooner... but yea.. i know why she didn't.

One day, i meet another person, seems just as excited about varolo as i am. started a few days ago, maybe a week. noticed me on the boards but was lurking. so he finally decided to contact me...and tell me his idea. this idea he had, it was similar to my own but we had the same problem... no one to test this idea and make it reality... and there it was... WE could test it... so right away i told him to try it..let's do it right now.. no more talk.. lol i was already there. tested it a couple of times to confirm exactly how it works. he didn't join me right away, he had his own village, half actives, most of them from a FB game he plays/played. so he has his ready downline if he were to resign under me, which was his idea. i didn't know what to think of that... for someone as motivated as he was to sign up under me and start growing his village, that would be great. so we tag teamed i'd like to call it as we went back into the group pages on facebook where he gathered his first actives... i asked.." ur getting more villagers... why haven't you signed up with me yet?".. he replied " ummm... idk..." i laughed to myself and typed.. "sign up and get your new and old villagers resigned with me." he agreed. i didnt expect it to go as smooth as it did. i expected him to give some resistance since he was as intelligent or more than i am. instead, everything turned out the way it was and its perfect.

We put some ideas together, bouncing our ideas back n forth..and we made a couple of group pages. one i made called PAY IT FORWARD based on the move and the idea behind the words. of course this idea is older than the movie i should add. even in the bible this is how Jesus lived.. he paid it forward to his 12 disciples and they paid it forward after he left. i think this story was emulated in the movie using different characters and less religious so not to scare people away. i don't plan on disappearing or dying or any of that before my time.. then again, i don't have control of that either. so what i will do, i s keep Paying it forward until my time is up... and i hope those whom I've helped and interacted with during my life and with these words, continue paying it forward.

I now have 746 and counting villagers... the moeny is getting there... better than before i can assure you that. I'm not going to brag or tell you how much i'm making, because that isn't the point of all this writing. If you are determined to use varolo to make money, you will make money... once you doubt yourself you've already lost. as much doubt there was, i always tell myself the same thing.. online.. offline.. chatroom..chatline...: " if i am here... there has to be someone else here just like me.... i can't be the only one.." this may sound useless.. but it is my own pep talk.. i am pretty sure you guys/gals have your own pep talk that helps you keep going when it gets tough. this is how i find others like myself to join and help me and everyone involved to move forward together.... it takes away a lot of the burden when it is shared. Pay It Foorward.. we make friends, and we make money together. thank you for reading and i will be back with the drama that comes with Varolo and other Varolo users lol stay tuned.. i think it's hilariuos and yet...sad in a way.. NEXT TIME ON...Pay It ForwardTV: this is how we va-ROLL-o..

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Steady growth in our Village- Varolo_Pay It_Forward

I like the Pay It Forward idea a lot. I incorporated it into my group and into my actions when growing my group/village. I started under my brother, who was told by an old friend. I thought it would be a good idea to start, but noticed I didn't do enough research. After seeing so many people joining without researching and asking a lot of questions, i had to find out on my own. I wouldn't be able to help anyone if I was in the dark myself. Eventually, I learned how to use Varolo and answer a few questions, i figured that is how I was able to pay it forward. While recruiting and posting my links on social networks, i realized it is better to interact with people on a personal level before bringing up Varolo. I decided that in order to grow my village it would be  to help not only myself, but everyone who joins under me as well. In order to Pay it Forward, I would have to start a chain and help those who joins, suggesting to them to continue helping those who join their village and so on. This is the way i will continue to use Varolo and stick by it. It may not be the best online money making program, but it will help me continue to Pay it Forward to everyone who are willing to stick with me and join my village. 

Currently, there are 2 other people who i have had conference with on yahoo IM and we have came together and became encouragement for each other. They are both under me and are in separate branches, so they do not benefit each other as far as their village is concerned, but together we benefit because I post their links as long as they are active and it motivates them to grow and provide information the other is lacking. We compliment each other and I am always looking for more to create new links and chains in my village so that the network can become more stable and mature.

You might want to know how you make money on this site so i will explain.

  • 1. Build your village. In order to really make money on this site you must have a large "Village" so that you have a good network of active users. Having a large group of people in your village makes it so that you can make money even if you miss a day of clicking ads. Their activity and their growth will help us as a whole.

  • 2. Stay active. Staying active will help everyone make money. I for one HATE advertisements BUT some of them are actually pretty good i prefer the Snickers ones and the Old spice ones. sometimes the advertisements make me laugh and lighten the mood and its nice between some of the serious tasks I'm doing and if the ad is ever annoying i can window the page and put it behind what I'm doing so i can see when the ad ends. Simple as that to stay active. Ok, so here is the best part. We have a village already set up and we would love it if you joined. Lets make this a large village in which we can all be a part of.  
T the group page I have made for like-minded people who are willing to stay active and make money together online.

Fresh Start -BxNio